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Birthday list

Everyone likes to be remembered on their birthday and wouldn’t it be great to fill your mantelpiece with beautiful handmade cards. You can make a card of any size and any description. You must make a card for everyone on the list.

Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) list

RAK or random acts of kindness are any type of greeting card of any theme and any technique. RAK are a great way of exchanging ideas and trying out new techniques and textures.

This list is good for stampers who like to make and receive cards. If you don’t like making cards this list is not for you.

The instructions for the list are outlined below:

  • The card you send can be any size or shape but it must have some aspect of stamping on the cover.
  • After you have made the card you send it to another member on the RAK list. When you receive a card that is made for you , you make a card for the sender as a way of saying thank you (but the card doesn’t actually have to say thank you on it).
  • Then the person who sent you a card makes and sends you a card so the cards keep going back and forth.
  • Make sure you sign your name on the card somewhere so the receiver knows who it is from.
  • You must make a card for every member on the list.

Freebies Rule list

We all love getting free crafting items. These days on the cover of most paper craft magazines you’ll find a free gift of some sort, or maybe you won something in a craft competition. As long as you didn’t pay for it, it qualifies for this list. The idea is to gain some inspiration using someone elses freebie.

  • It can be any craft item you got for free, an embossing folder, stamp, die, some product like glitter, backing paper, beads, die cuts, stickers.
  • You are making a book for yourself so you will get the item you put in (embossing folder, stamp, die) back.
  • If you prefer not to put in a die, embossing folder or stamp you can make 4 identical ones on card stock and place them into the bag on the inside left hand bag.**
  • Please make sure you are putting in enough for 4 participants.
  • If you put in product (backing paper, glitter, beads etc. then the recipient will use up whatever you put in.

**Not putting an item in the bag doesn’t allow for as much of an opportunity for the participant to use what ever technique they would like. If you include the item in then it allows the participant to use the item to put their own style to what they make.

Here’s how to make the book:

Take a piece of cardstock and measure it to 8 1/4 X 5 1/2 inches or 21 cm X 14 cm. Once you have done that turn it landscape and make a score line at the 4 inch point and then again at the 4 1/4 point. Or if you are working in cm then score at the 10cm point and again at 10.7. Now you have created a spine. Next attach a piece of ribbon on the front right hand side and the back left hand side then place a piece of backing paper over the ribbon end that you have attached to the book in order to tie it together to close it. On the front of the book create some artwork using the item you are giving the other 4 participants to use. Attach a plain panel on to the back cover which needs the following information on it. UKSN Freebies Rule Book, Made by (your name and address) and the date. On the inside take a celo back that you would use to cover a card for sale and fold it up to the opening then seal it. Make two of these and attach it to the inside of the book. One bag is for what you are giving away, the other bag is for the artwork that people have made with the item you gave them to use. With the artwork side the idea is to use 4 different techniques with the same item to inspire the recipient. You can use any medium you choose and of course you can add anything else to your artwork.

Artist Trading Card (ATC) Book list

If you don’t know what an ATC is, it stands for Artist Trading Card. t’s a tiny piece of artwork with a standard size of 3 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches or 9 by 6.5 cm. What’s good about them is you can get as arty as you like with them, stick things to them, embellish them as you like.

When it comes to making ATC’s despite the fact that we are a rubberstamping club we relax the rubberstamping rule that we have with the other lists. So feel free to use any medium you choose, decoupage, parchment, needlework.

As long as it fits on a 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 card it works as an ATC so let your artistic mind run wild.

Here’s how to make the book:

There are lots of style books you can make to hold ATC’s but the easiest is the concertina style. Take an A4 piece of cardstock and cut it in half lenghtwise then fold into four so that each section is slightly larger than an ATC. Stick your ATC to the front and on the back write UKSN ATC Book, made for:, made by:, and the date. It’s a good idea when making a book to put your own address somewhere on the book just in case it some how fell out of the envelope while being in the hands of the Royal Mail, with your address on it you stand at least half a chance of getting it back. If you prefer a book with a spine then take an A4 piece of card stock and cut it in half width wise, put 4 pages on the inside to form the book and on the inside cover write the information.

Gift Tag List

Gift tags make a wonderful addition when you’re wrapping a present. But to make an ornate gift tag to add to your pressie can take the same amount of time to make as it does your card. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a beautiful tag just waiting to be added to your pressie , already made?
This list is all about gift tags, whether you want to use the one you choose to give to someone or perhaps gain inspiration from the others in the envelope.
Make 4 gift tags any size but no larger than would fit in an A5 jiffy bag. The tag can be for any gift giving time of the year i.e. Xmas, birthday, Mother’s day, whatever. In an A5 jiffy bag put your 4 tags and a blank sheet of paper or card. Here is an example of how it works. Say we have 5 or more members on the gift tag list. Member A makes 4 tags. On each of the tags that member A has made she puts either a post it note or a detachable label with her name on it so the others will know to take out one of those ones, she then puts them in an A5 jiffy bag along with a blank card or sheet of paper with member A’s name on. This just makes it easier for who ever receives the envelope so they know straightaway who made the envelope. It goes to member B. Member B chooses one of the tags made by member A and replaces it with one member B has made. She signs the blank sheet or card that is enclosed in the envelope with her name and the date. Then she sends it in the same jiffy bag (I’m a bit of a greenie, I would love to see the same jiffy bag used 5 times) by putting a blank sticker over the previous address. Add the address of the next member it is going to and a new stamp (if you need to) and send it to another member on the list and so on until it goes round to other members on the list. When it’s returned to the member A (who made the envelope) it should contain 4 tags made by other members and not get your own back. The envelope needs 5 members to take part, the member who made the envelope plus 4 other members. When the envelope has made the rounds it is returned to the member A (who started the envelope) and she should receive 4 different tags made by 4 different members. The way you know it needs to go back to member A is because everyone who takes a tag has signed in on the blank sheet included.

Unlike all our other lists where you make a book for another member you are making the envelope for yourself so you never make a thank you envelope for anyone. When you receive your envelope back you make yourself a new envelope with 4 tags enclosed to go round. And when I say you made an envelope I mean a jiffy bag (you don’t actually have to make the envelope) If you chose to make a hand made envelope please make sure you add the padding to protect the contents while on it’s journey in the post.
When you make a tag the same rules apply that they do to ATC’s. You can use any medium or technique from decoupage, distress, vintage, cute, die cuts, whatever you fancy. Of course we are a stamping club so it would be nice to incorporate some form of stamping but only if you want to. The back of the tag should say to: and from:. If you don’t have a to and from stamp you could print it on your computer or if you have nice handwriting, feel free to hand write it. Please don’t sign your name on the back of the tag that you have made.

Die Cut Exchange

Lets face it, we all love to try before we buy and we all like getting something for free. Most of us in the crafting world have invested in some sort of die cutting machine, whether it’s the big shot, the vagabond, the grand calibur or the cricut and of course the various dies that you need to accompany it. And don’t they do some pretty fantastic dies these days. Here’s an opportunity to share our dies with others for the price of 2 large postage stamps. I know we call this a die cut exchange but really it’s anything you can run through your die cut machine, flowers, shapes, embossing folders, tags. If you can pass it through your die cutting machine you can exchange it here. Here’s what you do.. Send Mickey 5 identical die cuts in a small jiffy bag (the reason for the jiffy bag is so they don’t get creased in the post. The idea is to be able to use them and no one will want to use a die cut that the Royal Mail have bent and battered) with your name and a large first or second postage stamp for the return journeyif you want them back quickly, if time is not an issue you might just have to wait until I am sending something your way, if that is the case don’t bother to send a postage stamp for the return journey. What you will receive is 5 identical die cuts. There are no books to make and you can take part as many times as you like. If you’d like to put more than one set per jiffy bag, feel free. If you are, please separate them by putting them into a card cello wrapper.Because you are making yourself an envelope you can make as many enveloples as you like as there are no books to make with this list. And of course the more you make, the more you get back. I think this will be fun so take part!!! All of our exchanges sound a bit daunting at first but once you take part it always falls into place. Looking forward to getting your swaps.

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Skinny Book

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