1- The UKSN is a postal club which is open to UK residents only, we only exchange artwork through the post. Although we have a website this is for information only and not a way of exchanging actual rubberstamp artwork. Our club gives you the opportunity to see new ideas and techniques in action through the post and gives you the chance to have regular contact with other papercrafters, whether it be through the post, email or meeting up at craft shows.

2- Members are not to send any UKSN artwork to anyone unless they are on the members directory.

3- Members must always use the current list.

4- You need only commit yourself to a particular list for a minimum of three months.

5- Should you want to come off a list for any reason or leave the club you most notify Mickey Woodcock before the quarterly newsletter comes out. All books are the property of UKSN so if you are resigning from the club it is your responsibility to send any books that have accumulated on your desk to whoever they are made for orMickey Woodcock.

6- Although UKSN is a non profit club we ask our members to pay annual fee of £5.00 which goes towards the cost of maintaining our website. When you join you will receive a welcome gift and your welcome letter which has a FAQ section.

7- You have to enjoy receiving and sending post.

8- This is a fun craft hobby club and should be treated as such.

9- When you commit yourself to a list you must make a book/card for everyone on that list.

10- It is the responsibility of the sender to make sure that the envelope that they are sending to another member works to the specifications of the post office (size, weight and thickness) and if you have over filled your envelope and it is either too thick or too heavy and the receiver has to pay the ransom to the post office then the receiver should send the sender a picture of the front of the envelope with the penalty sticker as proof so the receiver can be reimbursed by the sender.

11- No books should remain on your desk for longer than three months. If you have a build up of books on your desk and you can’t manage to add to them, then please send them on either to me (Mickey Woodcock) and I will re distribute them for you or send them on unstamped to another member on that list. Keeping a book out of circulation for three months is surely long enough for you to add your contribution. If you are finding a particular list a chore, boring or overwhelming then it’s easy enough to come off that list. Sometimes life gets in the way of stamping, which all members understand, that’s why we have an on hold policy which means you can take a break from the club without having to leave. When things settle down contact Mickey and become active again. We are all here to help each other and most of all enjoy this fun club.

General guide lines about what happens if…

A member leaves the club- when a member leaves the club the first thing I do is ask them whether they want the books that are going round for them. Most say no, that is because they want a clean break from the club and say they prefer the books to stay within the club. After all if they enjoyed getting books they would stay in the club. But if they want their books we send them to that member just the way they are filled or partially filled. If the book is to stay in the club then any member who has one needs to change the name of the member who is leaving to a currently active member on that list.

A member stays in the club but just comes off that list- because the member is still in the club the books continue to circulate for them and when they are filled they are returned to that member, but the member who made the book just has to accept the fact that they will not receive a thank you book.

A member who is on hold- sometimes one just needs a break from receiving or adding to books as some other aspect of life is getting in the way of crafting. Books still circulate for them as normal, but their name comes off of the currently active sheet which means no books are to be sent to them until further notice. When life returns to normality for them they contact me and I notify everyone on that list that that member is becoming active again.